Our Story

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Our Story

Welcome to Cabine! 

Did you know Cabine is French for cabin? In fact, many of our designs pull from our heritage in Northern Ontario, where voyageurs and lumberjacks populated the rocky shores of the great lakes for generations.

In 2020, the Renaud family began Cabine after discovering a creative outlet for long hours spent at home. We’re dedicated to providing products families like ours will love for today, and heirlooms that will outlast tomorrow. Our commitment to customized, personalized and well-made items is our promise to you, our customers, who make our journey possible.

Our products are inspired by Northern Ontario where rocky shores, icy lakes and towering forests mark the landscape. We use wood, metals, rocks and natural fibres in our store to create beautifully natural items such as:

  • Wall art and signs
  • Yard and garden stakes, signs and fire pits
  • Kitchen and other home decor

Remember, we customize and personalize items as options in our store catalogue. In addition, we carry many ready-to-order designs to fill your shopping cart. Delivery is always insured and packaged to protect your order. Read our customer service page for more information.

Thank-you for being part of our story.

Bring our backyard to your doorstep. Shop Cabine!